About us

We bring highly experienced practitioners with deep proficiency gained across both industry and the public sector. Our work requires not just knowledge and experience, but the willingness to lead intense and high-pressured situations while also getting our hands dirty in delivery.

We choose people who have passion, drive and dedication to an outcome. We look for leadership, management, empathy, common sense, drive, intellectual agility—the talents that allow for conscious leadership.

Simply, we choose the right people, with the right attitude and teach them consulting. We extend and broaden their capabilities through our own professional development structure. We invest in our people.

From the M.D

This is now, but it was more than 10 years ago that I started Kiah Consulting. It was a micro-business for about five years, delivering strategic consulting and contracted line management roles. Our assignments quickly became too large for one person to handle and we started to grow. We took offices and started a team.

I decided my model would be different than the usual, that is, to hire some less experienced consultants and run a high leverage business. Why? First, because I liked the intellectual and social challenge of doing the work. Second, I think clients benefit from the experience and adaptability of smart leaders helping them drive better business outcomes. I wanted our clients to benefit from the leverage, not the business.

It is this thinking that led to the Kiah we see today.

John Glenn, Managing Director, KIAH Consulting

Company Overview

Over 15 Years in business

Kiah Consulting is an Australian company established in 2003, which has grown into a multi-million-dollar business servicing government and industry.

Our team is clear about why we are here, which is, to enhance the delivery of public services, either through the public or private sector or at the intersection of the two.

With this always in mind, we give our client’s ‘breakthrough consulting’, specialising in the delivery of superior outcomes through innovative strategies and purposeful execution. We do this across domains ranging from training, procurement, logistics, engineering, project management, supply chain analysis, strategy and transformation, through IT and compliance management.

Our expertise originated in the resolution of commercial and contractual crises, largely across the public and private sector boundary. Over time this has developed into a broader remit, where we help organisations in the quest to improve commercial and operating practices — internally and externally.

We help our clients achieve this by immersing our teams in their teams and providing advice and leadership through consultation, influence and example.

This is what we mean by ‘solving problems from the inside out’.

Government Panels

Our services and expertise are accessible through a number of government panels

Our current panel memberships are:

Department of Defence – Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel SON 3485107

Services relating to: contract management & contract performance; integrated logistics support management; liability risk analysis; problematic items of supply (PIOS) (including work health safety issues); procurement evaluation support; procurement methodologies & contracting options & tender development; program & product management services & support; project management services & support; project risk & issue management; project schedule management; strategic business advice; supply chain analysis and inventory optimisation and planning.

Access: all agencies

Department of Defence – Negotiation Services Standing Offer Panel
SON 3389328

Services including negotiation and evaluation training and negotiation strategy and support.

Access: all agencies

Australian Federal Police – Capability Support Services Panel SON 3538332

Business Management Services (Service Category 1) and Procurement and Contracting Services (Service Category 2)

Access: all agencies


Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development – ICT Services Panel
SON 3403954

Services relating to ICT strategy and advice, ICT procurement, and program management.

Access: all agencies

Defence Fuels Supply Chain Technical Expertise Standing Offer

Provides the Commonwealth access to appropriately skilled and qualified fuel supply chain technologists who can deliver a range of professional fuels advice and other fuel supply chain support services.

Access: all agencies


Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources - Energy Business and Technical Services Panel 

Access: all agencies.


Queensland Government – Procurement Learning and Development Panel – development of bespoke competency-based training services SOA GP002

Includes technical skills training (coursing, contract management, category management and procurement analytics).

Access: all agencies


Queensland Government  ICT Services (Pre-Qualified Suppliers Panel) ICTSS.13.03B

Access: all Queensland Government agencies


Australian Government Digital Marketplace Panel SON3413842 (Agile Delivery & Governance, Change & Transformation, Cyber Security, Data Science, Strategy & Policy)

Access: local, state, territory or federal government and Commonwealth corporate entities.


In The Community — Elevating Excellence

Can we change the world? We can certainly change it for a few talented individuals —and with our help, they might just change the world for us.

We are successful because we make a difference. We know we punch above our weight. Our business is about being clever, maximising the leverage to be gained from what we know and what others have. We apply that philosophy and our skills to life outside our business as well.

The Elevating Excellence program is our contribution — using who and what we know to give a hand to a few who have talent, a drive and a vision.

We call it Elevating Excellence because we aim to support our partners to level up, to take that jump to the next stage of their careers.

Elevating Excellence is eclectic. It’s not about supporting charities or foundations, although many of us do that too. It’s about people. Individuals who seek to excel. Who undoubtedly inspire, create and make a difference to those around them, and with just a little help, could do so much more.

We don’t know what our next project will be. We do know it will come to us from a heart filled with passion and determination to achieve something amazing, and that it will be our privilege to help.

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