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If you have the courage to try, we have the courage to help

When 'playing it safe' just isn't enough

Public sector challenges are complex. Sometimes playing it too safe is unsafe.


We support better delivery of public services – through the public sector and private sector, and at the intersection of the two.

Complex is much more than complicated.

It’s ambiguity in defining both the problem and the outcome.

An uncertain path between the two, buffeted by stakeholders that can be influenced, not controlled.

If this is your challenge, then you are already unsafe.

Chances are big processes, big teams, and tradition, have made you unsafe.

You need experience with the complex and expertise with the problem.

You need courage and clarity, to innovate and act.

This is KIAH ... we help the courageous, act.

What We Do

Critical thinking, articulation and strategy

Critical thinking, options development and evaluation

Competent action demands accurate situational awareness. Develop a strategy and action plan that's worth following.

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Negotiation, Persuasion, Influence

Build bridges not battlefields

Battlefields form when different perspectives aren’t understood.

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Operational Excellence

Executable strategies, well-executed

Effective operational management systems deliver sustainable legacies.

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Teams built for purpose

Teams built for the problem

Teams are drawn from industry and other experts. Proactive, pragmatic and a little impatient for your success.

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Examples of the type of work we do

Building legislative-compliant operating procedures
The new, the complex and largest procurement programs
Remediating the old and poorly performing
Service delivery through contract management
Comissioning social services and aid initiatives
Dealing with disagreements, disputes and stalemates
When you need strategy and transformation
Where it’s hard, where it hasn’t been done, where you want a dollop of business acumen
Kiah kingdoms – disciplines we rule

Featured Projects

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

Our public sector client had received advice, through an external review, that a critical piece of hazardous storage infrastructure was no longer safe to use.…

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Sweating the asset – a public sector approach to allowing commercial use of a facility

Sweating the asset – a public sector approach to allowing commercial use of a facility

Our public sector client operated a bulk fuels facility located alongside a public port. The facility, of several million litres, was a strategic facility for…

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Gaining value in a commodity contract and deal negotiation

Gaining value in a commodity contract and deal negotiation

A government client sought to purchase telecomms services on behalf of itself and 50+ partner agencies, across 120 countries. When does a commodity contract become…

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