Kiah Consulting provides strategic commercial advice

We bridge the public and private sectors.

We are most visible in negotiations ‘at the table’. But success is decided by more than that moment. It requires strategy well executed and thoughtful preparation before you sit down together. It’s what takes place at the table. It’s what happens when discussions end, and implementation begins. It is how you manage, not administer, a relationship to garner best value.

We are expert at the discerning application of commercial acumen to the public sector. We assist industry to better engage with the public sector.

Our delivery is led by those who have worked both sides of the divide. We bring insight into the achievable. We are a multi-million dollar company that invests in theory and education — and its practical application in the public sector environment.

Our value is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars in real returns, in risks avoided, and in time saved.

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Before the table

Strategy, definition, engagement, evaluation

At the table

Training, mentoring, leadership, negotiation, commercial support

Beyond the table

Transition, implementation, operational excellence, recovery and restructure

Contract remediation

From billion-dollar failing contract to secure, sustainable service with significantly improved performance.








Here are three actions to deal with deadlock.


Elevating excellence

Can we change the world?




We can certainly change it for a few talented individuals – and with our help, they might just change the world for us.