Kiah Consulting provides strategic commercial advice

We bridge the public and private sectors.

We work with organisations to address their most difficult and urgent challenges. We use the tools of negotiation, mediation, business and strategy to disrupt the norm, break free of constraints, recover from risk, plan a better way.

Concept to contract (plus a bit).

We make new concepts reality. Organisations are perfectly designed to deliver the outcomes they deliver. Doing something differently, quickly, is hard. We provide the pivot for innovation. It is most often seen in commercial-like activity: creating new deals, new contracts, new ways of doing business. We do it with the public sector, the private sector and most often, at the intersection of two.

If you want to buy better, sell better, or do current business in a different way – talk to us.

Our legacy is sustainable futures. 

Plus a bit? It’s not enough to establish a new contract or business, you need to bed down the new practices. We stay until its stable, then leave. Our job isn’t your job, nor should our job rely on your job. We want to make a difference: again, and again.

Our value is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars in real returns, in risks avoided, in time saved – and a self-sustaining legacy.

We deliver major breakthroughs for our clients

Innovating, resolving, challenging, and turning around programs that are in disarray. Our value can be demonstrated through benefits and savings of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Kiah brings commercial perspectives to the public sector and public sector insights to the private sector.

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Contract remediation

From billion-dollar failing contract to secure, sustainable service with significantly improved performance.


Here are three actions to deal with deadlock.

Elevating excellence

Can we change the world?

We can certainly change it for a few talented individuals – and with our help, they might just change the world for us.