Elevating Excellence is eclectic. It’s not about supporting charities or foundations, although many of us do that too. It’s about people.

We are successful because we make a difference. We know we punch above our weight. Our business is about being clever, maximising the leverage to be gained from what we know and what others have. We want to apply that philosophy and our skills to life outside our business as well.

The Elevating Excellence program is our contribution—using who and what we know to give a hand to a few who have talent, a drive and a vision. We call it Elevating Excellence because we aim to support our partners to level up, to take that jump to the next stage of their careers.

Individuals who seek to excel. Who undoubtedly inspire, create and make a difference to those around them, and with just a little help, could do so much more. We don’t know what our next project will be. We do know it will come to us from a heart filled with passion and determination to achieve something amazing, and that it will be our privilege to help.

Stories from our partners

Mechelle Moore

Mechelle runs a charity working with women and children at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation on the Thai-Burmese border. Mechelle is a previous client of Kiah Consulting. We first met her in a public sector role, well on her way up the corporate ladder. But somewhere along that journey, Mechelle’s life took a dramatic […]

Youth National Security Strategy (YNSS)

In 2021 one of our younger team members came to me with an idea – that the youth of Australia deserved to have input into the national security debate – for they would bring a different perspective. Two things leapt out at me – the sheer breadth of the endeavour and his courage to give […]

Soldier On

The death of a friend in a bomb blast in Afghanistan was a watershed moment for Australian John Bale, his wife Dr Danielle Clout and colleague Cavin Wilson. The tragedy highlighted the lack of support for service personnel injured physically and psychologically in the line of duty and the families left behind. At Kiah, we have felt the […]