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Complex is much more than complicated.

It’s ambiguity in defining both the problem and the outcome.

An uncertain path between the two, buffeted by stakeholders that can be influenced, not controlled. If this is your challenge, then you are already unsafe.

If this is your challenge, then you are already unsafe.

Chances are big processes, big teams and the traditional have made you unsafe.

You need experience with the complex and expertise with the problem.

This is KIAH ... we help the courageous, act.

Our model is different to the usual...

John Glenn, Managing Director, KIAH Consulting

Act different ... to get outstanding outcomes

Better outcomes come from rethinking assumptions, challenging the herd, inviting criticism and being prepared to venture from the path of least resistance. Often these don’t need to be big changes. Significant leverage can come from seemingly minor changes in approach informed by insight, clearer, smarter thinking and becoming more persuasive at winning support from others.

It’s not easy. We look for clients who are prepared to try something different. Delivering outcomes this way means a journey not a procurement – a partnership of trust built on a foundation in success. If the outcomes aren’t outstanding stop using us – but with 90 per cent of our business coming from repeat clients, we don’t think you will be disappointed.

We know it takes courage to try something different, but taking some risk isn’t foolhardy, it’s how something different happens. It’s the province of leaders.

Simple ideas on different

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

Another way to writing complex options papers

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

The number one thing the public sector needs to understand about industry

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

To get a better answer, ask a better question

The “KIAH Different” gives you the confidence to act different

Clarity and insight

Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in quality of life.

Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated.

Consulting theory isn’t enough – especially with the public sector where the commercial drivers simply don’t align with social outcomes.

Teams built for the problem

High performing teams are built not bought. If you want to scale a process, a group of graduates is fine, if you are in a hurry then those sitting idle might do.

If you have a problem that has multiple threads or needs a deep understanding of a particular topic, then you need to build a team around the problem.

Negotiate stronger to protect the outcome

It’s not easy. Bureaucracies compete internally for resources, winning on the power of the presentation rather than the value of the argument..

Organisational biases, history and group think compound the problem. The people who created a problem are going to defend their choices.

There are battles to win. Prepare with the right strategy, skills, tools and confidence.

Examples of the type of work we do

Building legislative-compliant operating procedures

The new, the complex and largest procurement program

Remediating the old and poorly performing

Service delivery through contract management

Comissioning social services and aid initiatives

When you need strategy and transformation

Dealing with disagreements, disputes and stalemates

Where it’s hard, where it hasn’t been done, where you want a dollop of business acumen

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National “Bring Kiah to Work” day, everyday!
Three rapid and valuable ways to try consulting the Kiah way.

Kiah Academy and Masterclasses

Enrol in an introductory masterclass or a public program that elevates the individual, or a team, in their capabilities – and the way they see the world.

Experiential, online, engaging. Understanding different perspective changes the way you see the world, uncovering previously unseen opportunities and pathways.

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Rapid readiness for negotiation

From serious negotiations to large-scale national programs, we can be there from the start, or when something goes wrong, or when a relationship needs a tune-up.

Left it a bit late – engage us for a one-day combined training and workshop just to give you and your team an edge.

A rapid diagnostic

Got a problem but can’t quite describe it or bound it? Are you dealing with the problem, or putting a band-aid on a symptom? Is your team defending the status quo, rather than filling in the hole?

Bring in a Kiah team of highly experienced practitioners, designed for problem domain, to undertake a rapid diagnostic. Woking alongside your team, in a few days they will develop an implementable, achievable strategy for moving forward.

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