Kiah training represents a convergence of theory and practice characterised by workshops, simulations and case studies. Each program moves rapidly from the simple to the complex.


Kiah training program design reflects our extensive study of the European and US schools of thought culminating in studies at the Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools on strategy, strategic negotiation and long-term deal making.

Each of Kiah’s training courses are undertaken over two and a half days:
Day 1: 3.30pm – 6pm | Day 2: 8.30am – 4pm | Day 3: 8.30am – 4pm

The courses are public and generally take place offsite, to ensure maximum focus on the learning experience. Specific targeted training can be tailored for groups. For current prices, dates and offers, contact us to discuss your specific training needs.


This program explores the principles of negotiation and provides practical tools that participants can use immediately. The program is largely built around exercises, case studies and simulations, giving participants a safe place to practice and develop comfort in putting techniques to use when they return to work. Suitable for anyone involved in negotiating internal or external agreements, multi-party and complex discussions with multiple interests, competing internal agendas, contract management, or purchasing and tendering. This is, of course, everyone.


Courses are held at Kiah Consulting and generally conducted as private programs until further notice. Contact us for details.


Interested in getting what you want? Who isn’t?

In this two-hour masterclass, Kiah MD John Glenn draws upon his three decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, recovery and business to provide an insight into the secret recipe that has led him and Kiah to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes and resolve some of the most challenging disputes. The masterclass covers the multiple dimensions of strategy, alignment and engagement that must be traversed in the creation of valuable and sustainable agreements. Topics include:

  • Strategy, design and tactics
  • Tactics at the table
  • Managing the flow of negotiations
  • Sensitive and complex options analysis
  • Strategic campaign design
  • Considerations in ‘deal design’
  • Are we adding or destroying value with our tendering processes?

While the masterclass draws on public sector case studies, the program is useful for anyone who seeks to get their own way — from corporate deals to dealing with teenagers! The program will not make you a master in two hours, but will provide immediate actionable insights and a roadmap to becoming a master. Kiah MD, John Glenn, has been instrumental in helping clients achieve their aspirations, and more, for over three decades. From working with the UN negotiating with the Khmer Rouge, building deals to build and sell satellites, restructuring billion-dollar logistics programs through to dealing with aviation disputes, John has worked with the masters, and become one. His studies have explored contemporary approaches, particularly the European and US schools of thought culminating in studies at the Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools. He personifies the convergence of theory and practice.

For information about a custom course for your organisation, please contact us at Email: or phone 02 6230 5347


We negotiate to further our interests. We further our own interests by addressing the other parties’ interests.

Learn how to discover your other parties’ interests, how to recognise and generate value and how to trade in order to better your outcomes, wisely. Explore the principles and practices of negotiation and leave with immediately useful practical tools. The program is built around exercises, case studies and simulations. Participants can practice in a safe place, returning to work with confidence and comfort to put the techniques to use. Negotiation is often seen as a commercial endeavour, centred on contracting. It is a skill equally applicable to managing your way through salary negotiations, workshops and meetings, daily trade-offs at work and home, and dealing with teenagers (and parents). This is a challenging, fast-paced program using both practical and intensive learning experiences. Participants will leave assured in their understanding of negotiations and their ability to deliver positive outcomes. The course covers:

  • Styles, language, processes of negotiation
  • Preparation and planning
  • Tools and techniques at the table
  • Options and proposals
  • Negotiating in teams
  • Persuasion
  • Creating and claiming value
  • Single-issue negotiations
  • Dealing with complex team negotiations
  • Multi-party negotiations

Suitable for anyone involved in negotiating internal or external agreements, multi-party and complex discussions with multiple interests, managing competing internal agendas, contract management or purchasing and tendering. This is, of course, everyone.


Delve deeper into the strategy and execution of negotiation — before, at and beyond the table.

This program is directed at participants who need to find – or create – alignment of complex issues. The program goes beyond tactical ‘at the table’ engagements and explores deal design and execution strategies. It examines tendering practices and the leveraging of evaluation to support negotiations. Other complex multi-party, non-procurement, interest-based negotiations and approaches are also explored, and an alternative to traditional negotiations where complex options exist. Participants will cover:

  • Strategy design and tactics
  • Tendering to unlock best value
  • Evaluating to support negotiations
  • Creating and claiming value
  • Managing internal and external stakeholders
  • Governance
  • Writing negotiation directives to APS requirements
  • Managing complex negotiations
  • Clarifying complex issues
  • Dealing with disagreement and dispute
  • Writing the post-negotiation report and lessons learned

Strategic Negotiations is an advanced program designed for participants with some prior understanding of the principles of negotiation. For our introductory negotiations course, please see Insight into Negotiations.


Gain an insight into the other side.

Insight into Industry examines corporate and personal behaviours and how they are influenced. It is based on the premise that ‘if I understand your perspective, my perspective changes … and with that new perspective, I can find ways to better further my interests’. Participants are immersed in a fictitious company as a lead business development manager, for a unique insight into the industry perspective. Learn how companies work when dealing with the public sector, particularly in major procurements. Participants will cover:

  • Remuneration incentives
  • Market and opportunity strategy development
  • Industry governance
  • Opportunity and campaign planning
  • Tender response plans and win themes
  • Tender writing, compliance, other challenges
  • Partnering and sub-contractor arrangements
  • Insight into pricing, risk and legal issues
  • Contracting professional services
  • Industry-side negotiations

This program is most suitable for anyone seeking to gain better outcomes from public sector procurement. It provides an insight into how industry approaches opportunities, and develops campaigns and ultimately tender responses.

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