Evaluation for Negotiation

Your RFT is released! Now what?

Now is the time to prepare for negotiations – beginning with your evaluation.

Too often we see Evaluation as simply source selection, identification of the best value for money offer. In fact, best value for money is best achieved through negotiation and so evaluation should be seeking the offer that can lead to the best negotiated outcome.

Kiah Consulting’s Evaluating for Negotiation program provides a different perspective on evaluation, and sets your team up for success in negotiation.

  • Understand how companies craft their responses and evaluate with insight
  • Learn how to evaluate for the best negotiable deal, not simply identify the best proposal
  • Recognise opportunity as well as issues

Start practicing your team in the tools and techniques that will assist them to engage professionally and with confidence at the negotiating table

We’ll show you how to unlock the hidden value in the offers you’ve received, how to validate the truth behind the pretty words, and how to find the vendor who will be your most effective partner for delivery.

This two-day program for teams between 6 and 16 people is light on theory and heavy on practice. It is based on real case studies with practical sessions.

Band together with another project for better value. Engage in an optional workshop post your evaluation to strategise and prepare for your specific negotiation.

Use the interlude between RFT release and receiving the responses wisely. Ensure your team is equipped to achieve the best outcomes possible, while you have the time to prepare.

The Kiah Preparation for Evaluation workshop is offered at $27,400 plus GST.

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An insight

Negotiation is the process of trading something of value for something you value more.

Deadlock is where there is no movement. It often causes extended contract negotiations or is a cause of friction in managing disagreement during service delivery.

Here are three ways to deal with deadlock.

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