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Everyone can negotiate, the same as everyone can play tennis. Some have a talent and will excel, others might enjoy watching better. Even the most talented will improve with training, experience and coaching.

Increasingly, managers and staff are being asked to take on contract negotiation and management tasks for which they may feel underprepared. Kiah’s range of workshops and training can be shaped to give your teams the confidence they need to be effective in these new roles.

Our programs are built for the public sector and designed to provide participants with the tools and insights to enhance their contribution, immediately. Low on theory and high on experiential learning, they are founded in theory and make use of genuine case studies and practical exercises.

Rapid Readiness for Negotiation

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Elevating Excellence

This is a program about people. Just a few who will undoubtedly inspire, create and make a difference to those around them.
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An insight

Negotiation is the process of trading something of value for something you value more.

Deadlock is where there is no movement. It often causes extended contract negotiations or is a cause of friction in managing disagreement during service delivery.

Here are three ways to deal with deadlock.

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