Rapid readiness for negotiation


Running a major project? A procurement?

While the best plan would be to have well-trained, well-rehearsed experienced people in your team, we know a plan doesn’t always come together. Sometimes evaluation ends and deadlines loom. This program is designed to support busy teams that have not had the opportunity for extended training and preparation.

This is a two and a half day intensive program designed to help those who are faced with an imminent meeting with the preferred supplier, or suppliers. It combines a half day online program with a full day of experiential role plays and training, followed by a one day workshop designed specifically around your challenge.

It seeks to arm participants in the basics, with some practical experience operating in a negotiating team. The program is light on theory, heavy on practical advice and tailored to your project and based on the principle that some preparation is better than none.

Topics covered include:

  • the principles of negotiation and some theory so that the team has a common language
  • leveraging evaluation for negotiation
  • building value and where to find it
  • orchestrating the negotiation
  • engaging across the table
  • operating as a team in negotiations
  • practical sessions to put into practice what you have heard.

You will join a three hour online pre-workshop and training session to build a common understanding of negotiation principles and to ascertain the context of the upcoming negotiation and issues of concern to the delegates.

We tailor the content so we’re delivering the workshop in the right context, allowing for discussion on important topics related to your upcoming negotiation and the consideration of practical approaches and strategies for the issues you face.

Programs are preferably held at Kiah’s offices, which have purpose-built negotiation spaces that support the practical exercises and minimise distractions.

This is a 2.5-day intensive program with morning and afternoon tea, lunch and all workshop materials included.

The workshops are best for  teams of 12 people, but we can cater for up to 16 and require a minimum of six participants to usefully conduct the practical sessions.

The cost is $17,575 plus GST.

More Information and Booking

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