Kiah CAPStone

Commercial acumen for the public sector

Negotiation isn’t enough

This program came about after decades of providing negotiation training that just wasn’t making enough difference for our public sector clients.

We concluded, after discussions with many clients, that three things were needed in order to gain best commercial value:

  • Insight into how the other party operates: context, value and constraints
  • The ability to negotiate a good deal at the table, and
  • Know how to keep the value you created in the deal, after signature.

Traditional negotiations training only provides tools for the second point.


Delivering differently

While COVID has highlighted the need to deliver differently, we started this journey before COVID – because one client in particular said:

  • “Love your course, love your content, love your delivery”

It was the traditional three-day, $3,000 course for 15-20 people.

  • “Here’s my problem. I have 2,500 procurement managers who would all benefit from this. They are spread across half of Australia. I get about $1,000 per person a year to invest in their training – and I have other compliance things I must do. About 20% change every year. And I can’t afford them to be away from their desks for the best part of a week – they still have a job to do. How does your course work for me?”

Well, it clearly didn’t. So we hired the Learning Development Lead for the QUT Executive Education Programs and told him to take us online. The journey started and then COVID hit. We took a lot of things online very quickly and learned a lot!

Unlike a University course you need more structure and management in work-based programs. Self-motivation isn’t enough in the workplace. You can take things into self paced online learning but don’t lose the value of team inter-action, workshopping and a facilitator. Quality counts more than ever: quality of content and quality of delivery. You have to make up for the loss of energy that you get in face-to-face delivery.


CAPStone doesn’t stand alone

CAPStone (Commercial Acumen for the Public Sector) is really the wrong word. It’s not the cap at the end of training, but the foundation on which better public sector business scan be built.

There is more to be done such as advanced courses in strategic negotiation and deal making for those leading and most involved. These are best delivered face to face over multiple days.

BUT Kiah CAPStone is for everyone in your business: affordable, scalable and delivered wherever they are, doing their business.


Kiah CAPStone: Coming to a screen near you

Three months – three modules

Module 1 – Insight into industry

How industry works (basic structures, big and small, multinationals), decision making and governance , costing for consultants and contractors, marketing, dealing with large and small tenders.

Module 2 – Insight into Negotiations

Principles of negotiation, moving from evaluation to negotiation, discovering interests, engaging, exploring issues, proposals, difficult people, disagreements, deadlock, closing, negotiating in teams.

Module 3 – Insight into contract management

Contract administration and contract management, Managing service delivery, performance management, dealing with disagreement and disputes, contract end, flexibility and generating power with an incumbent, managing price variations.



Managed, blended delivery delivered through Kiah Academy.

A cohort managed through the journey.

Attendance, participation and progress monitored and nudged, escalated and reported if required.

  • Stage 1 – Online self paced about one hour a week for 3 weeks.
    Self paced learning comprising written text, video, questionnaires and self assessments.
  • Stage  2 –individual and group assignments, about 3 hours work over a week.
    Typically group assignments and role plays used to exercise learnings and bring teams together.
  • Stage  3 – two hour online facilitated tutorial.
    Follows on from exercises and assignments, reinforces learning, deals with questions and explores application to the attendees work place.


Ordering and Pricing

Currently only offered to public sector entities

  • Minimum purchase of a single cohort (10 places)
  • Cohort members may be Australia wide and across multiple organisations
  • Best value derives by cohort participants drawn  from common teams or interests


Courses are delivered to a cohort which follows the same schedule

  • Minimum cohort 10 people, Maximum cohort size 20 people
  • Participants may move to a following cohort if delayed, where one exists
  • Multiple cohorts can run in parallel


Price is $850 per person, minimum purchase $8,500, plus GST

  • May be cancelled with full refund up to 14 days before course commences
  • Invoice and credit card services
  • No part refunds, no refunds 14 days before cohort commencement
  • Non-transferable after cohort commencement
  • Large purchases negotiable




More Information and Booking

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