Insight into negotiations


We negotiate to further our interests. We further our own interests by addressing the other parties’ interests.

Learn how to discover your other parties’ interests, how to recognise and generate value and how to trade in order to better your outcomes, wisely.

Explore the principles and practices of negotiation and leave with immediately useful practical tools.

The program is built around exercises, case studies and simulations. Participants can practice in a safe place, returning to work with confidence and comfort to put the techniques to use.

Negotiation is often seen as a commercial endeavour, centred on contracting. It is a skill equally applicable to managing your way through salary negotiations, workshops and meetings, daily trade-offs at work and home, and dealing with teenagers (and parents).

This is a challenging, fast-paced program using both practical and intensive learning experiences. Participants will leave assured in their understanding of negotiations and their ability to deliver positive outcomes. The course covers:

  • styles, language, processes of negotiation
  • preparation and planning
  • tools and techniques at the table
  • options and proposals
  • negotiating in teams
  • persuasion
  • creating and claiming value
  • single-issue negotiations
  • dealing with complex team negotiations
  • multi-party negotiations.

Suitable for anyone involved in negotiating internal or external agreements, multi-party and complex discussions with multiple interests, managing competing internal agendas, contract management or purchasing and tendering. This is, of course, everyone.

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