Strategic negotiations and deal making


Interested in getting what you want? Who isn’t?

In this three-hour masterclass, Kiah MD John Glenn draws upon his three decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, recovery and business and gives an insight into the secret recipe that has led him and Kiah to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes and resolve some of the most challenging disputes. The masterclass covers the multiple dimensions of strategy, alignment and engagement that must be traversed in the creation of valuable and sustainable agreements.

Topics covered include:

  • Strategy, design and tactics
  • Tactics at the table
  • Managing the flow of negotiations
  • Sensitive and complex options analysis
  • Strategic campaign design
  • Considerations in ‘deal design’
  • Are we adding or destroying value with our tendering processes?

While the masterclass draws on public sector case studies, the program is useful for anyone who seeks to get their own way—from corporate deals to dealing with teenagers! The program will not make you a master in three hours but will provide immediately actionable insights and a roadmap to becoming one..

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