In 2017, the federal government executed $47bn of new contracts.

Negotiating a 1% reduction would have saved $470m, almost half a billion dollars.

Our MD said that’s four beers per taxpayer. We said it’s ten new specialist cancer units in regional Australia, fifty thousand university scholarships for students from low income households, or $250 for every aged pensioner.

A small change with a significant impact.

But what if we increase value as well?
Better performance, faster delivery, truly engaging relationships, all at a better price?

It’s not about win-win, it’s about unlocking value and finding ways to claim it. It’s about getting what you want — better value for the money spent.

Are you a 1%, a 5% or a 10% person?

10% is a very serious impact—locally and globally—and is achievable by just about everyone… If you know how.

Negotiation is a bit like tennis—most of us have a go at some stage—a hit and giggle match. Very few have the natural talent to be a master at Wimbledon. Everyone, at all levels, improves with coaching and training.
10% improvement? More than achievable.

What coaching is right for you? Here’s an outline of the core elements to think about. We will customise the program for you.


Register for a Kiah Masterclass

A rapid exposure to the tools of strategy, engagement and the alignment of interest in order to get what you want.

Kiah MD John Glenn distills three decades of experience.

This intensive session will not make you a master, but a master will tell you what you need to know to become one.


Register for the Insight into Negotiation course

Explore and practice the principles of negotiation and arm yourself with practical tools to make a difference, now.

Suitable for anyone involved in negotiating internal or external agreements, managing multiple stakeholders, or balancing competing agendas in the public or private sector.


Register for the Strategic Negotiation program

Go beyond the tactical ‘at the table’ engagements.

Learn how to design deals and build executable strategies that move past obstacles and unlock value.

An advanced program designed for participants with some prior understanding of the principles of negotiation.


Register for the Insight into Industry program

Learn how companies operate when dealing with the public sector.

Immerse yourself as the lead business development manager. Explore through case studies of actual events how industry approaches opportunities, develops and governs campaigns and, ultimately, builds tender responses.

For information about a custom course for your organisation, please contact us at Email: or phone 02 6230 5347

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