Understanding how to navigate projects with courage and safety is not a well-known process. We’ve been able to discern just what it takes through more than a decade of experience with commercial negotiations, restructure of poorly performing projects and dispute resolution.

Our clients often ask us to share our experiences with their teams, seeking insight into how their organisations might better address challenges. We’ve developed seminars and training programs just for this.

They are low on theory and high on experimental learning with real case studies and practical exercises.


Strategic negotiations and deal making

Interested in getting what you want? Who isn’t?

In this three-hour masterclass, Kiah MD John Glenn draws upon his three decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, recovery and business giving insights into the secret recipe that has led him and Kiah to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes and resolve some of the most challenging disputes. The masterclass covers the multiple dimensions of strategy, alignment and engagement that must be traversed in the creation of valuable and sustainable agreements.

While the masterclass draws on public sector case studies, the program is useful for anyone who seeks to get their own way—from corporate deals to dealing with teenagers! The program will not make you a master in two hours but will provide immediately actionable insights and a roadmap to becoming one.

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Training programs

Built on evidence-based practice and research and developed for the public-private sector environment, these training programs are more in-depth. We know they work because we use them ourselves.

The sessions are run over a number of days (with all materials and catering included) from Kiah offices but can be delivered in-house also.

Insight into industry

When I understand your perspective, mine changes forever

Gain an insight into the other side. Understanding doesn’t mean agreement, it means empathy and influence. This is a program designed specifically for the public sector, giving an insight into corporate and personal behaviours, their impact on decision making and how it might be influenced. Participants are immersed in a fictitious company for two days as a lead business development manager working to an equally fictitious government department. Learn how companies operate, individuals are remunerated, major and minor procurements are managed, tenders prepared and approved, and the impact of customer procurement decisions.  

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Insight into negotiations

We negotiate to further our interests. We further our own interests by addressing the other parties’ interests

Learn how to discover your other parties’ interests, how to recognise and generate value and how to trade in order to better your outcomes, wisely. Explore the principles and practices of negotiation and leave with immediately useful practical tools. The program is built around exercises, case studies and simulations.

Participants can practice in a safe place, returning to work with confidence and comfort to put the techniques to use.

Negotiation is often seen as a commercial endeavour, centred on contracting. It is a skill equally applicable to managing your way through salary negotiations, workshops and meetings, daily trade-offs at work and home, and dealing with teenagers (and parents).

This is a challenging, fast-paced program using both practical and intensive learning experiences. Participants will leave assured in their understanding of negotiations and their ability to deliver positive outcomes.

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Tailored programs

We can tailor our programs to your organisation's needs or develop it further to specifically address the strategic skills and knowledge your people need. We can also adapt programs to your particular project. Below are our most popular programs that we adapt for our clients.

Rapid readiness for negotiation

Rapid readiness for negotiation

Sometimes, despite the best planning and intentions, time simply gets away and we find ourselves facing contract negotiations without the level of preparation that we envisaged.

This is a one-day tutorial and workshop designed to support busy teams that have not had the opportunity for extended training and preparation. It is designed to help in getting the best achievable outcome by arming participants in the basics, with some practical experience operating in a negotiating team.

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Evaluation for negotiation

Your RFT is released! Now what?

Now is the time to prepare for negotiations – beginning with your evaluation.

Too often we see evaluation as simply source selection, identification of the best value for money offer. In fact, the best value for money is best achieved through negotiation and so evaluation should be seeking the offer that can lead to the best-negotiated outcome.

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