A problem is diagnosed. A goal is defined. You know where you need to go, but how do you get there? You need a strategy.

Our interest is in practical and applied strategy — the development of an approach to achieving one or more goals with limited resources under conditions of uncertainty.


Our clients trust us to give them well researched, objective choices that enable them to make informed and wise decisions. That’s why more than 90% of our engagements are repeat business.

We have written many options appraisal papers for our Federal and state government clients. These are not staffed documents achieving mild consensus. These are real decision papers with genuine options.

We have a proven process that seeks alternatives and embrace different views, without creating disagreement. Opinions are properly and faithfully represented, along with the supporting evidence and rebuttal. Our clients praise our clarity of thought, robust analysis and critical review.

We are familiar with the standard requirements for our Federal and state government clients, some in urgency. for business case development, gateway reviews, and other decision-making processes in the major Federal and state departments.

More than 90% of our engagements are repeat business.

Planning is essential if a common action plan is to be built.


A strategy must provide three things:

  • A clear understanding of the goals. To quote Alice’s Cheshire Cat, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
  • Boundaries and constraints. Few organisations can operate without constraint. Resources are a common issue, but timing and areas out of consideration also need to be clear.
  • Detailed coherent activity. These are the outlines for contributing projects and activities that, together, will deliver the goals. Understanding inter-relationships, intermediate outcomes, timing and resource allocation is essential, but a detailed plan for each activity is not yet necessary.

Planning is essential if a common action plan is to be built. Unfortunately, the planning process can seem interminable — consuming resources in return for declining momentum.

In this we can learn from the military. They tend to face rigid time constraints, with the last to move likely to lose. Momentum is everything. At Kiah, we have adapted the best of the leading programme management methodologies to deliver Initiative Management — a process developed through necessity to deliver rapid outcomes. It tailors the traditional processes for the task at hand while accommodating the organisation’s established decision-making procedures and giving executives genuine, creative, and considered options for progression.


Making strategy is different to making strategy work. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and it requires focus on both the big picture and the small details.

Effective governance structures provide a framework to ensure progress is maintained. Good governance balances manoeuvrability with control as factors change and your strategy adjusts.

Kiah has proven governance frameworks, reporting structures and monitoring templates which can be tailored to the requirements of your programme.

The best strategy in the world won’t help unless you have the resources and drive to implement it.

We can provide the capability and experience you need to back your own people and get the job done.

Our consultants come with specific skills that we further develop through our Kiah communities of practice. Our peer to peer learning and development programmes enhance individual capability and make Kiah more than the sum of its parts.

…the capability and experience you need

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