Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the consistent and reliable execution of your strategy, evidenced by results. The operationally excellent company aims for lower operational risk, lower operating costs and increased revenues relative to its competitors (or its own baseline).

These are the factors which create value for customers and shareholders. For the public sector, revenue can be replaced with efficiency measures or outcomes-based evaluation.

Excellence is relative and can shift over time. The path to operational excellence is less about balancing a perceived trade-off between cost and risk, and more about a disciplined approach that leads to gains across all three factors.

We believe there are lessons from industry that can be usefully applied to the public sector in efficiency, risk, compliance, transformation and change management. Conversely, the public sector’s rigorous commitment to governance, wider perspective of “value”, and experience of managing across boundaries can hold lessons for industry.

Our consultants have deep experience in translating operational and regulatory requirements into clear, functional processes and systems that deliver the outcomes you need.

Managing across boundaries

Public sector organisations are frequently criticised for being silos. Some kind of structure and partitioning is essential, simply to make workloads manageable. However, there is some truth that the necessary elements for successful delivery are rarely in the same place.

Add in contracted services or partnerships, and the picture changes again. Different agendas, different values, different needs.
How to conduct these competing priorities into a symphony of services?

Enter the service agreement. These move in and out of fashion but are, we believe, an essential tool for effective service delivery.

Our approach to defining requirements and developing robust and workable agreements has been shaped by the major programmes and contracts we have successfully remediated over the years.

This is the knowledge borne of hard experience — how to write unambiguous statements of work, create performance frameworks that support relationships, and manage dispute early and well. It is an approach driven by business imperatives, not legal imperatives.

It focuses on creating the conditions for success, not penalties for failure.

If you require the input of others to deliver your outcomes, talk to us.

creating the conditions for success, not penalties for failure

established capability

Operational Management Systems

Kiah has an established capability in the development of robust Operational Management Systems.

This capability initially grew out of client requirements for complex asset management across multiple sites using hazardous materials. We have found the lessons learned in these high stakes environments apply to most business and service delivery.

  • Defining roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and expectations
  • Identifying, managing and mitigating risk
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice
  • Recruiting, retaining and skilling your workforce
  • Managing costs
  • Identifying and increasing efficiencies
  • Supporting the development of Service Level Agreements, Operating or Managing Agent Agreements, and contracted service delivery
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