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Kiah consultants are expert negotiators and facilitators, having studied and developed our own approach to doing this masterfully and quickly. Our approach is practical and designed for internal and external negotiations. It is equally applicable to dealing with inter-organisational disagreement, cross-department shared services, or major commercial deals.

We understand how to develop contracts and Service Level Agreements that support success, not punish failure. Only the most trivial of collaborations and procurements are transactional. Most seek a contributory relationship. Designing good contracts should be a commercial process. Don’t leave it to the lawyers!

We understand the impact on process and culture of dealing with public monies, serving a greater good than the bottom line, and being responsive to a political agenda. This knowledge allows us to balance commerciality with other imperatives. It also makes us valuable to the private sector who are often find doing business in the public sector challenging.

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Negotiation strategy and support

The stakes are high, the deal is unconventional, your people lack experience, or fresh eyes may see new opportunities …

There are many reasons why you might choose to engage an experienced negotiator to help you get to the table in the strongest position possible, and keep you there throughout the discussions.

Kiah can support you in developing your negotiation strategy and directive, conducting negotiations on your behalf, and ensuring your negotiation team understand their roles at the table.

Alongside your external negotiations, you have internal negotiations. Managing your nervous stakeholders is a time-consuming challenge essential to your success.

Kiah has invested in, developed and adapted the best negotiation practices to deliver an approach that supports deal creation rather than conformance with a pre-conceived outcome. It is a multidimensional approach from the formation of the initial approach to market, through evaluation, to selection and negotiation.

The Kiah Method model of negotiation and engagement is designed specifically for the public-private sector environment. It is consistent with the models developed by the major European and US schools on dispute and negotiation.

Let us show you how the Kiah approach can unlock value, build relationships, and set the conditions for success of your outsourced services.

the best negotiation practices

improve with training, experience and coaching

Negotiation leadership and coaching

Everyone can negotiate, the same as everyone can play tennis. Some have a talent and will excel, others might enjoy watching better. Even the most talented will improve with training, experience and coaching.

Increasingly, managers and staff are being asked to take on contract negotiation and management tasks for which they may feel underprepared. Kiah’s negotiation services can be shaped to give your teams the confidence they need to be effective in these new roles.

We can lead your negotiations for you, provide behind the scenes support, or give you and your team training and coaching to prepare you for the table.

We coach teams in the adoption of a consistent model for negotiation, tutoring individuals in techniques at the table, and coordination across teams, especially where parallel activities are undertaken. Kiah ensures that the full negotiation team is educated and equipped to play their part.

Preparation is key, but we understand it doesn’t always happen as it should. That’s why we offer specific workshops, tailored for your particular engagement, designed to rapidly prepare you for negotiations, keep you safe at the table, and get you to the best results.

Rapid Readiness for Negotiation

Sometimes, despite the best planning and intentions, time simply gets away and we find ourselves facing contract negotiations without the level of preparation that we envisaged.

This is a one-day tutorial and workshop designed to support busy teams that have not had the opportunity for extended training and preparation. It is designed to assist in getting the best achievable outcome by arming participants in the basics, with some practical experience operating in a negotiating team.

Its content is borne of experience and the clear Insight that some planning is better than none. The program is light on theory, heavy on practical advice and tailored to your project.

The program allows for a pre-brief and some tailoring to enable the workshop to be delivered in context. Time is allowed for discussion on topics of immediate interest in for the upcoming negotiation. Practical approaches and strategies for dealing with the issues of importance are considered.

The Rapid Readiness Program is a one-day intensive program designed for teams of 6-16, held at our facilities and costs $17,400 plus GST.

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designed to assist in getting the best achievable outcome

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