Our business is about making a difference

We work in the space where the public and private sector meet: before, at, and beyond the table.

We help the public sector to design and execute its engagement with industry, to negotiate and establish sustainable contracts, to manage transition and in the pursuit of operational excellence.

We help industry to engage better with the public sector through better understanding, better conversations, and better tendering, contracting and delivery.

Our experience is diverse: defence, public / private partnerships, health, IT, logistics and social programs.

We have worked both sides of the table. Our people have been responsible and successful in both commercial and public sector delivery. We know the responsibilities, issues and opportunities. We bring practical expertise underpinned by sound theoretical knowledge.

Before the table

Strategy, definition, engagement, evaluation

At the table

Training, mentoring, leadership, negotiation, commercial support

Beyond the table

Transition, implementation, operational excellence, recovery and restructure