WEBINAR: Strategic Contract Management

Public sector consulting experts


Unlock the value in your contracts (Event Closed)

Sixty percent of the effort in the lifecycle of a contract goes into the creation of the contract. Yet seventy-five percent of the value is lost in eighteen months without rigorous management (Geller & Company).

Most deal making is focused on negotiation and negotiation training, and by that they mean tactics at the table. Important, but insufficient by itself to give you a great, sustainable deal.

A good deal means more than tactics at the table, more than just “negotiation”. It’s how you create, claim and keep value.

In this FREE masterclass webinar we will look at the third dimension: how to manage a contract strategically. Going beyond administration, John Glenn will explore…

  • How to think about engaging differently to drive value – for new and existing contracts
  • Getting what you pay for, plus some
  • The deeper mechanisms of contracts
  • Public sector purchaser models
  • … And more

Join us for this FREE webinar on 25th May 2021, 9:30am AEST

Insightful, sharp, and cost effective. Only 30 minutes of your time.




“I worked with Kiah Consulting, specifically John Glenn, on several negotiations and major contract disputes. The outcomes were always positive for the Commonwealth.”

CLINT THOMAS, AM, CSC, RAN, Former Commander Joint Logistics


“I admire John’s ability to conceptualise large-scale, politically complex and strategic issues and to distil the simple essence, not only of the problem but a way to resolve the issue.”

JAMIE SMITH, Strategic Business Development, Smart Transport


More about the presenter, John Glenn

John Glenn is an experienced negotiator, dispute resolver and business manager with over forty years’ experience as an executive and consultant in both business and government. He has negotiated government- to government multi-national agreements, chaired and facilitated multi-national working groups, and worked with the UN in establishing peace transition arrangements.