Launch of Masterclass – Commercial Acumen for the Public Sector

A suite of training solutions centred around the concept of uplifting public servants and teams in commercial and business acumen has been launched.

Kiah Academy has been built in conjunction with State and Federal governments, from decades working inside and alongside Defence in particular – and drawing on learnings from the Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools.

“In my years inside, outside, and working alongside the public sector, it has become clear and often remarked upon that the sector is deficient in commercial acumen,” said Kiah MD John Glenn and architect of the Kiah Academy programs.

“Knowing what is needed isn’t the same as getting it – and that will be the problem for the Defence Strategic Review.”

Kiah is launching its flagship program at the Avalon Airshow, a three-day Masterclass in Commercial Acumen for the Public Sector.

It is supported by other Masterclasses in media and presentation, critical thinking, problem solving and communication. A comprehensive online program will be launched later in the year, designed to provide a tool for managers to uplift teams and individuals – affordably and no matter where they are located.  Its structure was informed by Kiah’s work with the QLD Government – where geography is a challenge!

“The genesis of the Kiah Academy programs has been our clients, the ones who asked us consistently how we got things done, how we negotiated a contract, how we fix a poorly performing program and how we executed rapid delivery when nobody else had been able to achieve it,” Mr Glenn said.

“Negotiations are one thing – but you have to know how to structure deals, negotiate them, and them manage them to completion. Create, Claim and Keep the value. How to move beyond contract, program and project administration to execution. These are commercial concepts not well understood in the public sector.”

The program is particularly applicable to Defence with the demands of the DSR to deliver quickly, and many of the case studies and tutorials in the program are drawn from Defence experiences.

The three-day course comes with a health warning. It’s full on and hard work. Value for money, but not for the faint of heart.

Kiah is offering a free registration each day, as a prize for those who register at the Avalon Air show Kiah Stand (1M21). There also a substantial discount for those who register using the code “popcorn”. Those at the show will understand!

To explore what’s on offer visit: Kiah Academy