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What’s special about Kiah Method™

I was being interviewed by a journalist for a magazine article recently.  He asked, what was so special about Kiah Method™? Made me think. Darn. Always the way of course: complex ideas count the most when you can simplify them into a few words. Luckily, we can.

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Newsletter 2017

It's been a big year for KIAH From the MD… I am ready for a break, it has been a big year. We were delighted to be awarded two multimillion-dollar, multi-year contracts. These are coming of age engagements for us, giving us the opportunity to invest and...

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An innovation index for the public sector

httpss:// I really liked the concept of an innovation index – the number of ideas approved for implementation by the executive divided by the number of active users. With a little...

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Re-negotiating with a powerful incumbent

Sydney 5:00 pm Tuesday 11th July 2017 A government organisation was three years into a $100m a year contract for remote offshore logistics. Established with some urgency, this was a mission critical contract. There was growing dissatisfaction over cost, leading to...

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Under-performance is a leadership issue

Some years ago I was managing teams across multiple countries, I had one team assistant in Adelaide who was a gem – dedicated, hardworking, observant – and my measuring stick on how the business, the teams, and I, were performing. I tried ringing her for a gossip one...

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Business does not exist for the public good

Any conversation that suggests alternative contracting models can engage companies to deliver social outcomes, acting in the public interest over their own, is based on a false premise that industry will subjugate their own interest in favour of their clients’...

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Elevating Excellence

This is a program about people. Just a few who will undoubtedly inspire, create and make a difference to those around them.
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An insight

Negotiation is the process of trading something of value for something you value more.

Deadlock is where there is no movement. It often causes extended contract negotiations or is a cause of friction in managing disagreement during service delivery.

Here are three ways to deal with deadlock.

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