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Those who dig the hole will not fill it in….

Those who created the problem and dug the hole, will defend their positions. They will not find bridges or alternate pathways to resolution. The deeper the hole, the more intractable the resolution. The debacle unfolding in the Australian equestrian sporting...

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Cultivating Workplace Courage

After decades as a military officer, followed by decades in industry, I have often pondered the incongruity of clearly physically brave individuals who always lean towards safe choices in business and bureaucracies, seemingly lacking the courage to make the tough...

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Nudging for National Security

I admit it. There is a part of me that is an ‘old school’ economist - one who revels in the beauty of Swan-Solow diagrams, Pareto Efficiency, Utility Theory and, above all, markets behaving rationally. The downside is that I have invariably struggled to answer the...

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We are looking ….

Can you: Work in ambiguous situations with poorly defined requirements and challenging stakeholders? Provide leadership through influence? Be personable, engage well, and be prepared to work at any level to get the job done? Use your experience, research solutions and...

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What’s special about Kiah Method™

I was being interviewed by a journalist for a magazine article recently.  He asked, what was so special about Kiah Method™? Made me think. Darn. Always the way of course: complex ideas count the most when you can simplify them into a few words. Luckily, we can.

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Elevating Excellence

This is a program about people. Just a few who will undoubtedly inspire, create and make a difference to those around them.
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An insight

Negotiation is the process of trading something of value for something you value more.

Deadlock is where there is no movement. It often causes extended contract negotiations or is a cause of friction in managing disagreement during service delivery.

Here are three ways to deal with deadlock.

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