Sustainable, compliant operational management

It’s not enough to get the job done, it has to be done well: effectively, efficiently, affordably, safely and in compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations. with everyone playing to the same sheet of music. It’s hard. Consulting theory isn’t enough – especially in the public sector where the commercial drivers simply don’t align with social outcomes. ‘Bulls and Bears’ simply have no meaning in this context, but well-adapted insights are useful.

Compliance can be key, more in the public sector than the private where transparency and process are essential. We learned how to do this with workplace, health and safety – where we built safety-compliant operational management systems in the fuels industry and mapped those practices – along with the training and culture change – into a public sector workforce.

It is the same issue for procurement and purchasing, modern slavery, major contract management or other compliance-based practices – working out how to take legislation or regulation, or perhaps an organisation steeped in historic processes, and transform the operating practices, and beliefs and behaviours of individuals, into a transformed and sustainable legacy.

It takes more than one approach. We have done this by using consultants drawing from the industry, with practical experience.  In one case they literally knew which valve to turn – and which one to leave alone!  No theorists on that job. Those drawn from industry typically bring an impatience for outcomes and efficiency, but we engage them because of their ability to lead, communicate and show them how to adapt to a public sector environment.

People have to know what they have to do, if you want successful change. New contracts, new processes, new legislation, new tools, and new people—need informing, education, and skilling. That’s why we have our own L&D department that’s delivered hundreds of hours of online and face-to-face training – and training solutions to be managed forward by our clients. From behavioural change to induction programs, from operating a fuel truck to the installation of water irrigation meters.

Process design, regulatory compliance, training, education, mentoring leadership – it takes more than one stream to deliver sustainable, compliant, operational excellence.

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