Current openings

We have immediate roles in Canberra, at all levels, for those with experience in program and project management, Defence, public sector procurement, and contract management.

Management Consultants

Do you want to make a difference? We do!

We know answering a job ad is hard. So, too, is reviewing applications.  We do not expect a perfect fit to the advert. Simply the requisite attitude and attributes, commensurate with the experience you have had to date and at the level you wish you join us.  We will enable and support you in becoming a perfect fit, at the level to which you aspire.  

We do not want to miss you if you are for us – so we are seeking to remove the barriers for your application.  

Apply with your CV and a covering letter. Explain why you fit, what you bring to the business, and to our clients. You will initially meet with a senior member of our team so that you may understand us, our values, and our principles. You will then meet others in our team so that we may understand you.

If you think you are for us, and we are for you, we encourage you to apply.

What is our business?

Our business is helping those with the courage to make a difference, succeed. We largely focus on the delivery of public services because that is where the most impact is to be felt.  Delivered through the public and private sectors and at the intersection of the two. 

We have delivered major breakthroughs for our clients: saving hundreds of millions of dollars, innovating, resolving, challenging, and turning around programs that are in disarray. Our work is national, addressing our clients most difficult and urgent challenges. We bring private sector acumen, applied appropriately, to the public sector.

It is a tough business. Standards are high, clients challenging, the work often difficult. It is also a supportive, collaborative and growth environment.

The best way to understand us, and who we are, is to hear it straight from our team. Visit our Careers page to hear what our consultants have to say about working at Kiah.

What is the role?

This role is hard work and not for everyone.  We seek those who can think and do, with the tenacity, perseverance and resilience needed to make a difference. Those with the courage and temperament to deal with the uncertain and the unexpected. Those who are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our consultants must be comfortable working with ambiguous and poorly defined requirements, alongside challenging stakeholders. They provide leadership through influence and service, are personable and engaging, and are prepared to work at any level to get the job done. You will mostly work in a team, but it might be a Kiah team, a client's team or a hybrid. Our clients expect you to work with them, alongside them - but not to them. As one client remarked we don’t consult too them, we deliver from the inside out.

Who are we looking for?

Our focus is more about you and what you can achieve, rather than where you have been. Typically, you will:

  • be enthusiastic, to the point of being driven. Tenacious rather than obsessive.
  • be inquisitive and curious. No stone is left unturned because it is a stone that needs turning.
  • believe in lifelong learning. You most likely have a degree, maybe two, a masters, maybe two. Probably not three or a PhD, because your focus is on doing not studying.
  • understand that the world is complex. That other perspectives are valid. The world is not black and white.
  • we value experience of the public and private sectors.  It is not essential to have worked in both, but you will understand the needs and differences of the two.  
  • pursue excellence but understand Pareto and the principle of diminishing gains. Excellence is not perfection.
  • challenge our thinking, but not our principles and ideals. Principles and values are not negotiable, but the way we attack problems is.
  • look for purpose and meaning in what you do. You will want to serve something greater than yourself though you may not yet have fully understood what that means to you.
  • you will be able to develop and explain complex arguments. Clearly, rationally, and defensibly.
  • be able to write concisely, clearly, logically – and quickly. Not simply grammatically sound. A clear, structured, critical argument one day and a compelling marketing piece the next.
  • be equally comfortable making formal and informal oral presentations, confidently. Delivered in the clients context.
  • be quick of mind, intellectually agile, and engaging in discussion. Both your clients and colleagues must look forward to meeting with you.

Our success comes because we are different, not the same. You will have the courage to think differently, present differently. You will equally respect the contribution of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the intellectually agile and the purposeful practitioner. Your strategic and agile mind will allow you to link the concepts into executable strategies, without losing the detail for it to be executable.

You need not be a mathematician, engineer or scientist but you will be comfortable working with them. You will not be cowed by technology, willing to grasp concepts, if not the detail.

Management consulting builds on technical mastery. You will bring some speciality whether from IT and chemical engineering to public and international policy, from communications and change leadership to financial wizardry, business management to program and project management.  However, your most special attribute will be your ability to think strategically, problem solve, accept alternate perspectives and servant leadership. We look for these attributes at every level and from every member of the organisation – commensurate with the skills and experience of the individual.

If you want to explore if you are for us, and we are for you, you do not have a moment to lose. Get in contact today.

Position Details

  • Ongoing positions exist, or are becoming available, primarily in Canberra.
  • You may require a security clearance and therefore must be an Australian Citizen and have no impediments to achieving that clearance. You should state this explicitly in your application.
  • You may be required to travel.
  • You will be required to operate in a blended work environment – part home, part office and part client site.
  • Flexible work arrangements are offered, bounded only by your ability to participate and deliver effectively.  These arrangements particularly suit the integrated work/life integration essential to a modern family.
  • Permanent engagements are preferred but part-time, casual or contracted employment arrangements are acceptable.
  • We seek consultants at all levels. Salary will be negotiated based on your experience and abilities.

If this sounds like you, apply now. Who knows where that adventure will lead – for both of us?

Think you have what it takes? Apply today!