Areas of Focus

Operational excellence

Sustainable, compliant operational management

It’s not enough to get the job done, it has to be done well: effectively, efficiently, affordably, safely and compliant with legislative and regulatory obligations. Consulting theory isn’t enough – especially with the public sector where the commercial drivers simply don’t align with social outcomes. ‘Bulls and Bears’ simply have no meaning, but well-adapted insights are useful.

Compliance can be key – more in the public sector than the private where transparency and process are essential. We learned how to do this with workplace, health and safety – where we had built safety compliant operational management systems in the fuels industry and mapped those practices – along with the training and culture change – into a public sector workforce.

It is the same issue for procurement and purchasing, modern slavery, major contract management or other compliance-based practices – how to take legislation or regulation, an organisation that has a historic process, and transform the operating practices, beliefs and behaviours so that a sustainable legacy remains.

We do this through consultants that are typically from industry, bringing an impatience for outcomes and efficiency but engaged because of their ability to lead, communicate and adapt to a public sector environment.


Examples of the type of work we do

Building legislative-compliant operating procedures
Service delivery through contract management
Where it’s hard, where it hasn’t been done, where you want a dollop of business acumen

Kiah training

Kiah training program design reflects our extensive study of the European and US schools of thought culminating in studies at the Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools on strategy, strategic negotiation and long-term deal-making.


Kiah Masterclasses are intensive two-hour sessions provided to selected organisations. They are tailored to the needs of your organisation and designed to enhance the knowledge and ability of participants in a specific area of interest. They are held at a mutually convenient time and venue.

Training programs

Each of Kiah’s training courses are undertaken over two and a half days:

The courses are public and generally take place offsite, to ensure maximum focus on the learning experience. Specific targeted training can be tailored for groups. For current prices, dates and offers, contact us to discuss your specific training needs.

Tailored workshops

Custom designed training to suit the specific requirements of your team and projects.