Course Overview

Based on learning from a Harvard program, this course is a one-day off-site experiential program, preceded by a short (maximum of 3 hours) online module to introduce the theory.

The course covers:

  • the principles of negotiation
  • the negotiating process
  • insight into the management of consultants and contractors.

Interactive Learning

You will be in the driver’s seat: participating in activities, role plays, and discussions. Upon completion of the day, you will have experienced several uniquely complex situations to arm you with additional professional skills and techniques. This is a safe place to participate, try, make mistakes, and learn. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

Participants engage in multiple negotiation simulations, fulfilling different roles in the company or the fictitious department they service (Department of Space Exploration).

The course draws strongly on the teachings of both Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools. Participants explore the theory, behaviours, processes, and how to manage the engagement and the internal team.


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Next public course: Canberra, 16 October 2024

Cost: $1,275 plus GST per person

Price Includes: 12-month membership to Kiah Alumni

Private courses are also available for your team, anywhere in Australia. Enquire now or email us at [email protected].


What people are saying

“I would recommend this to anyone, particularly in the Government environment. It really provides an opportunity to expand your thinking relating to professional engagements and conduct”

“Interesting course that presented some different ideas on the negotiation process alongside some familiar ones.”

“Great course full of practical examples and relevant theory.”

“This course gave me a great understanding of the purpose of negotiations, how to best approach them and get the maximum outcome.”

“Presented some simple to understand methodology to take into all forms of conversation.”

“Well structured course that was easy to follow, with fun and challenging exercises.”


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