Course Overview

A one-day off-site experiential program, preceded by a short (maximum of 3 hours) online module to introduce the theory. In this course, participants are immersed in a fictitious company, Global Space Dynamics, and address public service needs from an alternate perspective.

The course covers:

  • how businesses operate
  • why consultants and contractors charge what they do
  • how businesses approach responding to tenders

Interactive Learning

Participants work through how businesses operate, cost and pricing of products and services, and why consultants and contractors charge what they do (and how to get better value).

The course also covers sales, investment, and how businesses respond to tenders.

This learning is based around examples and activities as if participants were operating in a company.


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Next public course: Canberra, 18 September 2024

Cost: $1,275 plus GST per person

Price Includes: 12-month membership to Kiah Alumni

Private courses are also available for your team, anywhere in Australia. Enquire now or email us at [email protected].


What people are saying

“Having never worked outside of the Government, I found it really insightful understanding Industry’s perspective.”
“This course will be incredibly useful for anyone in Government who partners or engages with the private sector – which is most of us!”
“Some really great exercised and case studies to put myself in industry’s shoes and understand how I can better partner with them going forward.”

“Good course for everyone who manages, leads or administers Government contracts.”
“The insights and course content provided valuable information and strategies to improve contracting behaviours.”
“This course helped me understand what I can do to ensure better tender responses from industry.”


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