From the MD

A note from the Managing Director and Founder…

I started Kiah Consulting over 10 years ago out of necessity. I had been a senior executive in several companies and after one restructure too many I found there were not enough chairs for all the GMs. For the first time ever I was unemployed—a situation my wife found uncomfortable, mostly because I was home. Kiah started out of necessity and was a micro-business for about five years, delivering strategic consulting and contracted line management roles. While in one of those roles based out of Singapore I received a phone call from a major law firm asking if I would be prepared to lead the remediation of a major contract that was in significant dispute. In their view it needed a commercial lead rather than a legal one to resolve.

I thought they were clever.

That job, the subject of one of the case studies, started Kiah on a new path. The assignment quickly became too large for one person to handle and, while I resisted the complications for a while, we started to grow. I acquiesced to the inevitable. Took offices and started to engage staff.

I was wary. It would be easy to draft some methodologies, hire some less experienced consultants and run a high leverage business. One grey hair and many younger folk leveraged to do the work. It’s a valid model and many consulting companies deliver well using it. I didn’t want to. Firstly, I liked the intellectual and social challenge of doing the work. Secondly, I think clients can benefit from the experience and adaptability of smart leaders helping them drive better business outcomes. I wanted the clients to benefit from the leverage, not the business.

We have now developed methodologies; captured in Kiah Method©. It is a treasure chest of processes and artefacts built on research and experience. Process is not prescribed but are intended to be adapted for an assignment and integrated into the client’s business framework. It seems pointless to hire good people then tell them how to deliver. The objective is to assist and lift, not control.

Kiah Method© captures learnings from each assignment, adds template artefacts—such as document comment sheets – so we can learn from our work and not reinvent each time. We do mandate an Assignment Management Process so that there is repeatability, quality, peer review and support.

The Kiah Insight Programs, our experiential learning modules, have been developed from our experiences with clients. Originally delivered as an activity embedded in assignments, we have now structured them more formally as stand-alone courses. They are a mix of theory and real-life case studies delivered by those with the experience.

I like our company and am enthused by the future promise. It is clear to all that we have a singular focus on making a difference. Our growth will come, not from success in sales, but success in delivery.

I like our people: smart, pleasant, agile and enthusiastic.

John Glenn