Natalie Blundell

Natalie Blundell


Natalie is the genesis of Elevating Excellence—a talented sportswoman we were proud to help reach the top of her game.

Natalie is an event rider – eventing being the triathlon of equestrian sport. Kiah MD John Glenn and his wife Julia McLean have a love of performance horses, Julia in particular being well known in the equestrian world.

In 2010, John and Julia found themselves the owners of a failed racehorse Julia had bought for $1,500 as a possible show horse. However, he proved a bit tricky for Julia – causing John to name him Algebra! They ended up loaning him to Natalie, then a talented young rider working her way through the lower ranks of Australian eventing.

Algebra had no eventing pedigree, was really too small to be a top level performance horse, and even after retraining was never the easiest ride. None of this stopped him or Natalie.

On the back of John and Julia’s “Pocket Rocket”, over eight years and amongst a host of competitions, Natalie represented and won for Australia several times in the Trans-Tasman competition, competed at four of the six top events in the world, and was Australian Team reserve for the 2012 Olympics and the 2014 World Equestrian Games.

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