Dr Stacey Fox

Dr Stacey Fox

Current Partner

Stacey’s dream is to make a difference to children and families through early childhood education.

Stacey marries rigorous academic research with an enthusiastic belief in the power of effective early intervention for our youngest children and their families. Stacey first came to our notice while a cadet at ADFA. She is now an “action academic”, driving social service delivery change through the execution of partnership funded programs.

Stacey’s profile is on the rise, with interviews on the ABC and recently sharing a platform with Sir Kevan Collins, the UK’s leading expert on early childhood education.

We have mined our networks to give Stacey additional contacts in international child development, early education and multi-agency partnership working. And we have connected Stacey with a personal mentor in Donna Hardman. Donna is a highly accomplished businesswoman who has run her own successful consulting agency and is now developing her next career as a Board director. Donna shares Stacey’s passion for ensuring all children receive the opportunity to develop to their full potential. She is working with Stacy to develop her professional speaking, personal brand, and career development.

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