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Rapid Readiness for Negotiations Program

Sometimes, despite the best planning and intentions, time simply gets away and we find ourselves facing contract negotiations without the level of preparation that we envisaged.

This is a one-day tutorial and workshop designed to support busy teams that have not had the opportunity for extended training and preparation. It is designed to assist in getting the best achievable outcome by arming participants in the basics, with some practical experience operating in a negotiating team.

Its content is borne of experience and the clear Insight that some planning is better than none. The program is light on theory, heavy on practical advice and tailored to your project.

It covers:

  • the principles of negotiation and some theory so that the team has a common language
  • how to leverage evaluation for negotiation
  • building value and where to find it
  • orchestrating the negotiation
  • engaging across the table
  • operating as a negotiation team,
  • a practical team negotiation session, and
  • a workshop on the issues most important to the upcoming negotiation.

The program allows for a pre-brief and some tailoring to enable the workshop to be delivered in context. Time is allowed for discussion on topics of immediate interest in for the upcoming negotiation.  Practical approaches and strategies for dealing with the issues of importance are considered.

The Rapid Readiness Program is a one-day intensive program designed for teams of 6-16, held at our facilities and costs $17,400 plus GST.

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