Kiah MethodTM

Kiah Method is our treasure chest of knowledge developed through research and experience.  It includes toolsets for:

Assignment Management

Our systemic approach that ensures a quality delivery through oversight, stakeholder engagement and peer review.

Negotiation and Dispute Management

A set of tools continuously developed as we engage in more, and more complex, deal making.


Specific tools borne of experience in defining unambiguous statements of work, performance, dispute and relationship management.  These are business, not legal, artefacts which have largely been developed from contracts and projects that we have re-mediated. This is the knowledge borne of hard experience.


This includes standard tools for strategy, brainstorming and reviews. It also includes less common tools for user and service centered design - approaches we have found invaluable in developing internal and cross-contract processes.

Initiative Management

A toolset derived from, Prince 2™ and MSP™ streamlined to deliver good governance and alignment in rapid environments, minimizing the documentation and processes used in traditional methodologies.


We have developed a corporate collaborative toolset, iKollabtm , using common products.  It includes an ability for clients to use their own devices if their IT systems allow, or we distribute devices that support videoconferencing, web based collaboration and access to team sites.  We have used this toolset for multi-party distance negotiations.



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